Our Worktops

The worktop is the finishing touch to any kitchen, and at The Kitchen Island, we've got a wide range of materials and finishes for you to choose from.

From the shine and prestige of granite to the glitter of quartz or the warmth and charm of solid wood, we've got something to suit every style and budget.

No matter your choice, our worktops are expertly crafted, durable and strong to complete your kitchen as the beating heart of your home.

Kitchen with Granite Worktop from the Kitchen Island

Granite Worktops

Scratch, heat and crack resistant, granite worktops from The Kitchen Island are durable and sleek. With a wide range of options to choose from, we can find the right fit for you.

Solid Wood Worktops

Naturally beautiful, hard-wearing, and with a unique grain that only gets better with age, solid wood worktops from The Kitchen Island are ideal for bringing a sense of charm and warmth to any kitchen, whether traditional or modern.

Kitchen with Solid Wood Iroko Worktop from The Kitchen Island
Kitchen with White Quartz Worktop from The Kitchen Island

Quartz Worktops

Hard and durable, quartz worktops from The Kitchen Island require no sealing, are naturally non-porous, and almost entirely scratch resistant. In fact, only three minerals in the world can scratch quartz, which makes it a perfect choice for busy family kitchens!

Laminate Worktops

Affordable, scratch-resistant and durable, laminate worktops from The Kitchen Island are great for use their kitchen regularly.


Thanks to its laminate coating and full seal, it's also and incredibly hygienic choice for your worksurface, and difficult to crack or stain.

Marble Calcutta Laminate.webp

Mistral Worktops

With seamless joints and limitless design possibilities, Mistral worktops from The Kitchen Island make for smooth and non-porous surfaces that are inherently hygienic and resistant to staining.

Heat resistant and strong, Mistral can also be refinished at any time during its lifespan.

DEKTON Worktops

Almost impossible to stain, heat- and scratch-proof, and fade-resistant, DEKTON worktops from The Kitchen Island come in a huge range of gorgeous, striking colours to suit any kitchen, modern or traditional.


It's also suitable for outdoor use.