Solid Wood Worktops

Naturally beautiful and unique every time, solid wood work tops are a classic choice for any kitchen, be it traditional or modern.

With a wide range of eco-friendly woods available, at The Kitchen Island we have a solid wood worktop to suit any colour scheme, for a classic look that never goes out of style.


See below for a selection of some of our favourites.


Oak Worktops

Many styles come and go, but an oak worktop is an enduringly popular look. Each stave has natural variations in colour, and will mature and darken over time, with a strong grain that adds character to any kitchen.

Durable and naturally anti-bacterial like all solid wood worktops, oak surfaces from The Kitchen Island are chosen for their consistency and lack of natural imperfections.

We also offer a Prime Oak worktop, with slightly larger staves to show off the finish of the grain.

Beech Block Worktops

Warm-toned with a gorgeous variegated grain pattern, our beech block worktops make for a welcoming and inviting kitchen area. 

Charming and affordable from The Kitchen Island, our naturally durable surfaces work equally well in traditional or contemporary kitchens.

Each stave of our beech block worktops will exhibit natural colour variation, and if you're after something more uniform we can offer a Prime Beech alternative.


American Walnut Worktops

Rich and sumptuous, American walnut worktops from The Kitchen Island are perfect for adding that luxurious finishing touch to any kitchen.

The silky appearance of these worktops serves to emphasis the deep tones and delicate natural grains in the wood, with full wide staves to ensure your surface is as much an impressive centrepiece as it is a practicality.

Stylish, durable and hardwearing, American walnut worktops are perfect for adding a dash of elegance to even the busiest of kitchens.

Zebrano Worktops

Bold and full of flair, zebrano worktops add a glamourous and exotic touch to any modern kitchen.

Made from extra wide staves that showcase the timber's natural vibrant patterns, zebrano surface from The Kitchen Island are durable, hard-wearing and perfect for making a statement with any kitchen design.


Iroko Worktops

Delicate and light when raw, our iroko worktops will darken once oiled and will mature beautifully over time to turn a rich bronze in colour.

Made from a luxurious African timber, the sophisticated colouring of iroko surfaces from The Kitchen Island makes for an impressive and unusual feature in any kitchen, thanks to the wood's naturally spotted grain pattern.

Though all wooden surfaces are hygienic in nature, the high oil content of iroko wood makes it exceptionally so - besides being hard-wearing.


Looking for something else in worktops?


At The Kitchen Island we're confident we can find you the right worktop to add that finishing touch to your kitchen. 

Solid Wood Worktops from The Kitchen Island


Black American Walnut


Black Oak


Caramel Bamboo



Deluxe Iroko

Full Stave Iroko

Deluxe Oak

Deluxe Prime Oak

Full Stave American Walnut

Full Stave Oak Prime

Full Stave Oak

Full Stave Wenge

Full Stave Zebrano



Narrow Stave American Walnut


Prime Beech

Prime Oak