Granite Worktops

Sustainable and naturally resistant to heat and scratching, granite worktops from The Kitchen Island are Mother's Nature's answer to kitchen surfaces.

Available in a range of natural colours and patterns, each slab is cut straight from the quarry and 100% unique.

Read on to discover whether granite worktops are the right choice for your and your kitchen.


100% Natural

A natural igneous rock cut straight from the earth by request, granite contains quartz and other minerals to form a touch and resilient rock.

Since granite worktops from The Kitchen Island are entirely unique, no two pieces will be quite the same, exhibiting gorgeous natural veining, patterns and colours to complement your kitchen.

Tough & Resilient

One of the hardest rocks on earth, granite worktops are formed from cooled down magma and are naturally waterproof, stain-resistant, heat and scratch resistant.

Investing in a granite work surface is to invest in simplicity. Wipe clean with a soft cloth, and regularly reseal your granite from The Kitchen Island, and your surfaces will last a lifetime.


A Touch of Elegance

Sleek and unique, granite work surfaces from The Kitchen Island are the ultimate in effortless style.

Smoothed to perfection, our range of granite worktops has more than 70 colours and patterns to choose from, each a stunning example of the individual quirks and properties of the stone.

See below for our full range.


Looking for something else in worktops?


At The Kitchen Island we're confident we can find you the right worktop to add that finishing touch to your kitchen. 

Granite Work Surfaces from The Kitchen Island


Angel White

Angola Black

Antique Brown

Azul Eyes

Azul Platino

Baltic Brown

Bianco Antique

Black Forest

Cafe Imperial

Blue in the Night

Blue Pearl

Bros Blue

Colonial Cream

Cosmic Black Titanium


Emerald Black

Giallo Fiorito

Emerald Pearl

Fountain Green

Giallo Cecilia

Giallo Imperial

Giallo Ornamental

Giallo Veneziano

Gold Marinace

Harvest Cream

Impala Saba

Indian Black Pearl

Indian Jet Black Flamed Brushed

Indian Jet Black

Ivory Fantasy

Kashmir Gold Dark

Kashmir Gold Light

Kerala Green

Labrador Antique

Labradorite Bianca

Labradorite Blue Austral

Mascarello Latino


Mist Black


Can't find what you're looking for?

Give us a call or get in touch via email, and we'll do everything we can to find exactly what you're after to finish off your kitchen.


Norden Grey

Mont Blue

Nero Cosmos

New Venetian Gold

Nova Black

Olive Green

Paradiso Bash


Rosa Beta

Prada Gold


River White

Rosa Porrino

Rosso Multicolour

Sapphire Brown

Sardo Grey

Silver Galaxy

Shivakashi Pink

Spike Black

Silica Brown

Silica Rustica

Star Galaxy

Steel Grey

Surf Green

Verde Tropical

Volga Blue 2

Tan Brown

Topazio White

Tropical Brown

Verde Uba Tuba

Viscount White

Volga Blue

White Splash

Zimbabwe Black